How to Correctly Zip Plugins and Themes

In the past when working with the exclusive RRW software, plugins and themes were automatically zipped after branding. Since the release of Windows 10 we had to make a few changes in operation of the software. Now the plugins and themes are placed into directory of your choice and you must zip (package) them before uploading or offering to others.

Even if you do not use the RRW software, this tutorial may help as it applies to plugins and themes in general. Let’s get started!

NOTE: until we get our video completed, please see these resources.

Review the image below. Note that the steps shown apply to both plugins and themes created with Resell Rights Weekly members exclusive software.


There is no magic formula or anything like that when working with WordPress plugins and themes. You simply place all the generated files/folders within a dedicated folder and zip them. As the image shows I use 7-Zip software. You can use the built-in Windows version or any other long as the software outputs a standard zip file.

For users which are comfortable with using WordPress, you can package plugins & themes directly from WP admin with this plugin :go:

Resources worth mentioning:

Include plugins within themes :go:

Package theme directly from your site :go:

Plugins update manager :go:


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